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3 championships of 7 to 10 team
The structure can be modified based on the number of subscribers
Each championship will qualify for cups. The top 3 in each series will qualify for the champions. From the
fourth to the sixth they will qualify for the Europa League.

Rank equality:

  • Classified divorce (including the goal difference)
  • Network difference
  • Greater number of goals scored
  • Play-off (15-minute single match with extra time and penalties)
    Start: 07/02/2020
    Finish: 03/04/2020
    You will be shown the games to play and the expiration date in the communications group

The official match times are as follows:
Russian championship: 22:00 CET
Spanish Championship: 22:30 CET
Italian championship: 22:30 CET
Room settings (team play lobby)
Room Name: chosen by those who create better with the initial initials of the two teams
Settings Cons: 11 against 11
Capacity: no selection
Start with n. users: no selection
Legendary Player: no
Any Player: yes (use is optional)
Select goalkeeper: yes

Room security: limit to invitations, or active with password
Skill level opponent: Superstar
Duration of the game: 15 minutes
Injuries: no
Type of ball: as chosen by the captains
Time limit: long
Number of replacements: 3
Condition: peaceful and night

The room is ALWAYS created by those with more players. In case both teams have 10 there is agreement
between captains.

Room creation or reboot error
It is the opponent’s responsibility to verify that the room creator has entered the correct settings.
If you start the room (and therefore the players’ distributions) you will play with the settings set.
In case one of the captains asks to restart the game during or after the chosen team will restart from minute and
In case of lag the game must be stopped as soon as possible throwing out the ball. The problem is reported to
the opposing captain and the game can be restarted. The goals scored in these ambiguous situations are all valid.
We start from the minute and result acquired at the time of pausing.
In the event of a restart, the creator of the room can be changed. In case of a further LAG or the game
continues until the end or another day will be agreed to play.
The agreement between the teams must be posted in the general Whatsapp chat. Players must present
themselves to the match no later than 10 minutes before the scheduled start time with the opposing captain. If
this does not happen, the team that does not show up with the minimum required players, loses the match 3-0 at
the table, unless agreements are made between the captains.
Use Dutch/Holland servers that are more stable
If you are not experiencing lag problems we recommend that you stay in the same room.
5 stars (club only)
You can choose the same team as the opponent
Number of players in the game:
Minimum number of players to start the match (8)

In the event that a player is “expelled” from the match, the game cannot be restarted, unless different agreements
are made with the opponents (if, for example, a general disconnection of many players occurs at the same time,
the captains can agree to restart the game). the minimun number of players of player to continue a match is 6, so
if a team has 5 or less players it will have to declare “forfeit” (3-0),
Each rose can be up to 30 players
There is no transfer market during the championship phase, but if a team has strict needs, it can enter up to a
maximum of 2 players under the following conditions:

  • Does not already play in other tournament teams
  • The rose has a maximum of 16 item
    Advance withdrawal from competitions
    In case of early withdrawal of a club from competitions, all the matches will be assigned as forfeit (3-0), both
    previous and subsequent.
    Each captain must post the results in the dedicated group indicating scorers and assistants
    withdrawals: in case a team withdraws all matches will be assigned as forfeit (3-0), previous and past


it is not necessary to go into the detail of the rules of respect for the opponent. We expect there will be no
insults or problems and will only play for fun. Administrators will take action if we see someone going against
the spirit of good gaming.

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